In Big Island, L.A., a unique successor to the cult crime classic by Boston Teran, Never Count Out the Dead, a former combat Marine and a crime columnist embark on a suicide mission on the battlefield of L.A. ––a city of privilege, corruption, violence, rehearsed hypocrisy, card carrying culture cancellors, pedigreed hustlers, and a citizenry forever exploited by the lying haves.

Known through his pen name, Landshark, William Worth, author of the popular crime column and podcast BIG ISLAND L.A. rules over his reading public from an estate high above Mount Washington.

Into the life of this agoraphobic reclusive comes Ana Ride. A former combat Marine she swapped a foot for a Silver Star. Ana is in possession of a thread of information, relating to an investigation Landshark has tapped into. Together, they follow a trail of murder and destruction, connected to the 710 Corridor Conflict. By the time all blood has been spent, scores settled, the dead accounted for, justice will rise from the City of Fallen Angels.

Coming October 10, 2023