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...a landmark American work of heart...

...the Forrest Gump of dog books. Giv is totally hip, totally moving... its heart and soul, it is not just a story about a dog and his journey across America. It is about all of us. Our wounds, our tears, our healing, our triumphs..

AWE-and then-SOME...this is a book for people who don't read books...belongs with THE YEARLING, TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY, and THE CALL OF THE WILD...

...Giv is pro-small town america, pro spirituality. It believes in the power of faith and sacrifice to overcome tragedy. It sees the potential for geatness in people and country. And it's not afraid to express love. It is everything critics and reviewers dislike and look down on in books and movies. But that people who read books and go to movies love. Because, like myself, they do not think it beneath them to be touched deeply. And this book will touch you deeply..

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