'An epic in styling and scope, The Creed of Violence is a layered and often brutal account of the ultimate desperation of war for oil.'

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Praise for God is a Bullet:

"Ranks with Joan Didion's The White Album . . . and John Ford's classic film The Searchers." - San Francisco Examiner

"A millennium morality play . . . that might well have been written by William Blake and James Ellroy, fueled by absinthe . . . Teran clamps the reader in a death grip for a guided tour of hell." - Dallas Morning News

"...defies description...Teran's dialogue is carved in granite...astonishing" - LORENZO CARCATERRA

"...one of the great Amercian novels" - NICK CASSAVETES, film director. 

"...a millenium morality play...that might well have been written by William Blake and James Ellroy,fueled by absinthe...Teran clamps the reader in a death grip for a guided tour of hell" - DALLAS NEWS.

"Sam Peckinpah brutality meets John Ford's lyricism...no author has dreamed a picture of evil as well as Teran...I have never read a novel so thoughtful and lyrical..this is a perfect work" - WEEKLY BUN SHUN

"...unmeasurably profound" - FICTION LOVERS ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN.

Praise for Never Count Out the Dead:

"Few novels have been so unflinchingly ferocious . . . Teran makes most writers seem dipped in bleach . . . Teran writes as if calling up the primal fear of bad dreams from a whole city." - Otto Pensler

"Cements Teran's talent as a virtuoso.' - Publishers Weekly

 "...Macbeth meets Chinatown" - DETROIT FREE PRESS
"...it's Pulp Fiction crossed with Albert Camus as directed by John Woo" - BILL PESCHEL.

"...a tragedy of passionate hate..a model of literary construction" - TELERAMA.

"...mesmerizing" - THE NEW TIMES

"...a grim, glorious gothic. The tension ratchets up like a thumbscrew in the hands of a master inquisitor" - Val McDermid.

 "...Teran's geographic and historic knowledge is so great, and his descriptive powers so developed...he makes one want to jump in the car..and ride the day thinking about god and sin and endless highways" - MERCURY NEWS.

Praise for Trois Femmes (Three Women):

"...with this book the writer confirms the power of his inspiration. The inexorable clairty of Teran's vision leaves us speechless" - PREMIERE.

"...an important work... it is a plea against injustices which overpower the weak of the world" - NOUVELLE.

"...one of the most singular authors in contemporary literature. Trois Femmes is armed with the ghosts of Faulkner and Tennessee Williams...imagine The Divine Comedy or The Odyssey by way of Abel Ferrara" - LES OBSEDES TEXTUELS.

"What we have here is a magnificent portrait of wounded but combative women and a portrait of a decaying Bronx. A beautiful hymn to solidafrity, profoundly moving" - MATCH.

'Tough, strong,moving...biting and inspired language" - LE FIGARO

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